What we do


Management within a nonprofit is concerned with the oversight of both finances and personnel. Our executive and board leadership provide guidance for nonprofit organizations with your best interests in mind. We help you strategically plan your resources to get the most out of every asset you have.


Donors are the lifeblood of every nonprofit. They’re the people we have a relationship with and they are the reason we exist. The driving force of every nonprofit is finances and human capital that come from our donors. Our goal is to connect with them and to get them to invest their time and money with a greater purpose.


Nonprofits don’t fail because of lack of passion or mission, they fail because of lack of board leadership, executive leadership, and programmatic leadership. Leadership development results in higher revenue, improved communication, and lower turnover rate. We provide training necessary to help a nonprofit launch successfully and reach its goals.

Nonprofit Support

By pooling resources, particularly back office administrative support, the Billings Leadership Foundation members will reduce administrative overhead and direct more of our resources to the mission of our member organizations; serving people and changing lives. In this way, the men, women, and children that each nonprofit serves receives greater services both in quality and quantity.

Human Resources

Personnel Management, Recruitment and Hiring, Evaluation, Dismissal, Records Management, Supervisory Coaching, and Employment Law Compliance.

Fundraising and Grant Writing

Grant Writing to Private and Public Grantors, Fundraising Strategy, and Copywriting and Design.

Volunteer Management

Recruiting and Managing Volunteers, Linking volunteers with service opportunities, Volunteer Background Checks, and Volunteer Orientation.

Financial Services

Full Service Bookkeeping, Payroll, AP/AR, Budgeting, and Forecasting.

Nonprofit Incubator

For Newly Formed Nonprofit Programs to Begin Operating And Serving, Billings Leadership Foundation may act as the Fiscal Agent.

Executive Training

Mentoring, coaching, and strategizing with Executives in areas of leadership, management, operations, and fundraising.



Collaboration between nonprofits reduces costs and therefore directs those savings on to be used in program services. Because there are more resources for program services, clientele receive greater benefits from each program. Likewise, nonprofits can spend more of their time and energy fulfilling their mission and less time doing the administrative side of the nonprofit work.